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Development Vision: Do preferred PEEK brand in China
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Nanjing Yuwei New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the extrusion, molding and parts processing of PEEK, PI, PPS, PPSU, PEI and other special engineering plastic profiles, providing different industries with special engineering plastic profiles and parts R&D, design and production integration solutions. The company has launched a number of profile continuous extrusion production lines, PEEK rod, PEEK sheet, PEEK tube, PEEK plate, PEEK special-shaped material, PPS rod, sheet and tube can be independently produced and mass produced. After years of accumulation of experience, Nanjing Yuwei has been able to produce various kinds of conventional PEEK profiles and has a large amount of inventory, and can customize processing of unconventional PEEK profiles and PEEK special-shaped materials according to customer requirements. In addition, the company has horizontal injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, large molding machine, high precision CNC lathe, CNC processing center, engraving machine, turning milling and other mechanical processing equipment, professional customized processing of various specifications, different uses of PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI and other parts.

Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. is a new technology-based innovative enterprise, with many years of production and processing experience in the field of PEEK products. The company is willing to cooperate with customers for a long time with high-quality products and honest service, and jointly promote the application of PEEK products and other special plastic products in various industries.Nanjing Yuwei is committed to PEEK material and other production and development of special engineering plastic material. Through constant technological innovation, it has formed its own technology and intellectual property rights to keep the leading position in the industry, obtain the competition advantage of the market, keep management and technology improvement, create a highly efficient and skilled staff team, as the motive force of the enterprise sustainable development. In addition, we also cooperate with customers for mutual benefit, cooperate with stakeholders for development, improve enterprise operation efficiency, and become the industry leader and technology innovative enterprise.


Business Contents
  • R&D, design, production and composite modification of PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI and other special engineering plastics.
  • Capable of continuous extrusion molding, injection molding, molding, machining and other molding processes.
  • Design, process, manufacture and modification of extrusion moulds, molding moulds and injection moulds.
  • Customized processing of PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI and other parts with incoming drawings and samples.
  • Continuous extrusion molding of PEEK, PI, PPS and other rods, plates, pipes and sheets.
  • Research, development and production of new products and new fields of special engineering plastics, jointly promote the application of PEEK, PI and other special engineering plastics products in various industries.
Core Strengths
  • 15 years of experience in the production and development of PEEK, PI, PPS and other materials.
  • Mature profile extrusion production line, with the domestic leading level.
  • Advanced technology, advanced production equipment and large-scale comprehensive standard plant.
  • Moulds of thousands of specifications, extrusion molding, molding and shaping of special plastic rod, plate, pipe, sheet.
  • Technical development and production capacity for the injection molding, mechanical processing of various specifications.
  • Capable of mold design, develop and manufacture molds independently.
  • Perfect quality management system, and friction and wear testing machine, microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine and other testing equipment ensure product quality.
  • We have many years of good cooperation with British Vigus PEEK (VICTREX), American DuPont PI (VESPEL), German engineering plastics and other raw material suppliers, with stable raw material sources.
Corporate culture
Enterprise mission

Promote the industry development and channel application of new technology and new materials of special engineering plastics.

Enterprise positioning

Manufacturer and service provider of special engineering plastic profiles and products, promoting the products of Nanjing Yuwei to various industries and applications.

Enterprise vision

Make PEEK, PI and other profiles and products with high quality, strive to be the leader in the industry, and create brand benefits of Nanjing Yuwei.

Enterprise values

Strive for the continuous development of the enterprise. Nanjing Yuwei's concept is to continuously improve the technology, constantly research and development of new products, with professional ability, honest attitude to be the customer's trusted long-term partner.

Enterprise spirit

Keep continuous innovation to lead the industry development by taking technology and research and development as the core.

Enterprise philosophy

Implement scientific and standardized development by taking quality as life and taking customer as the center.

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