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Electrical and electronic

PEEK's excellent electrical characteristics make it an ideal insulator. With excellent thermal properties, PEEK polymer components can withstand high temperatures that traditional insulators cannot. These advantages, together with its long term reliability and temperature, pressure and frequency durability, make it suitable for use in subsea environment control equipment or connector pins for high pressure pumps.

PEEK can keep good electrical insulation under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Therefore, the application field of PEEK resin has gradually become the field of electronics and electrical appliances. PEEK resin has high purity and stable mechanical and chemical properties, which reduces contamination in silicon wafer processing. PEEK resin does not deform over a wide temperature range and can be used to manufacture parts that can withstand the high temperature environment of hot welding. According to this characteristic, PEEK resin is commonly used in the semiconductor industry to manufacture wafer bearers, electronic insulating films and various connection devices, as well as wafer bearers insulating films, connectors, printed circuit boards, high temperature connectors, etc. In addition, PEEK resin can also be used in μg/L ultra-pure water conveying and storage equipment, such as pipes, valves, pumps and positioner. PEEK is already being used in manufacturing of large scale integrated circuit in Japan and other countries.

PEEK can also be used in electronic and electrical areas for insert plugs, high reliability connectors, cable plugs, junction boxes, distribution leads, plate cage coils, battery housing, IC packaging, semiconductor industry and other ultrapure industry required ultrapure water system fittings and valves and other components.