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Textile machinery

PEEK material is commonly used to make axle sleeve, bearing, roller and amplitude adjusting nut of textile and packaging machinery, compressor valve disc, piston ring, seals and various chemical pump body, valve parts, wherein material selection is extremely important in today's rapidly developing and competitive textile market. Mechanical speed, flexibility and reduced downtime are critical factors to meet the growing market demand for rapid production of high quality textile products. Moreover, PEEK polymer material has good function at high temperature and excellent chemical corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wear resistance, so it is a good material for extending parts life and reducing machine operation cost in textile machinery.

The shaft sleeve processed by PEEK material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance, maintenance-free, long life and so on. It can replace the traditional copper sleeve in textile printing and dyeing. PEEK material has good self-lubrication characteristics, but also can greatly reduce the wear of shaft sleeve, prolong the service life, but also does not need to add high temperature grease greatly reduce the maintenance cost of equipment while preventing the textile from being polluted, to ensure the quality of printing and dyeing fabric. PEEK material has been widely used in textile, sewing, non-woven processing, dyeing and finishing, shaping, mercerizing, printing and embroidery and other processes due to its excellent performance. The typical product forms are: wear-resisting sliders, bearings, bushings, dust caps, wear-resisting buffer strips, rail wear-resisting strips, amplitude adjusting nuts, wear-resisting clips, bushings, wear-resisting guides, gaskets, gears, helical teeth wear-resisting plates, etc.