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Published in 2023.03.13
Exhibition invitation | Nanjing Yuwei meets with you at KOPLAS
From March 14 to March 18, 2023, the Korea Internationa…
Published in 2022.10.20
Welcome to K 2022, NANJING YUWEI meets you in Dussendorf, Germany.
The K show is every three years. In 2022, it will usher i…
Published in 2021.11.26
PEEK is an important strategic national defense material
PEEK has some special properties such as higher temperat…
Published in 2021.10.05
Our company's latest purchase of large gantry engraving and milling machine
In order to improve the production and processing capacity …
Published in 2021.10.11
Nanjing Yuwei continues to develop and produce PEEK sheets
PEEK board, the Chinese name is polyether ether ketone …
Published in 2021.10.11
Nanjing Yuwei meets you at the Beijing National Defense Information Equipment and Technology Expo
The 10th China (Beijing) National Defense Information …