PEEK is an important strategic national defense material
Release time:2021.11.26

PEEK has some special properties such as higher temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. than ordinary engineering plastics; it has high rigidity, good chemical resistance, food contact compliance, semi-crystalline, Good bactericidal properties, high strength, ductility, and good fluidity. Since the advent of PEEK engineering plastics, it has been used as an important strategic national defense and military industry material, and many countries have restricted the export of PEEK. Because PEEK is resistant to high and low temperatures, is not easy to hydrolyze, and is resistant to radiation, the cables, wires, coil frames, connectors and valves used for preparation have been successfully used in nuclear power plants, petroleum exploration and mining industries. In our country, because of its excellent performance, PEEK is regarded as a strategic national defense and military industry material, and its research has been included in the Seventh Five-Year-Tenth National Key Scientific and Technological Project and the "863 Program".

Nanjing Yuwei has many years of experience in the PEEK production industry. The research and development and production of PEEK rods, plates, tubes and other profiles, PEEK parts of various specifications, are widely used in military, aerospace and other fields, and has passed the weapon equipment quality management system certification. Contribute to the development and growth of China's military aerospace industry.


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