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Innovation of PEEK technology

PEEK is a kind of special engineering plastics with excellent performance. Compared with other special engineering plastics, it has many remarkable advantages, such as high temperature resistance, good mechanical performance, good self-lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance, flame resistance, stripping resistance, radiation resistance, insulation stability, hydrolysis resistance, good workability and so on. Moreover, it can be used to produce all kinds of machinery parts and components, such as automotive gear, oil screen, shift start plate, aircraft engine parts, runner of automatic washing machine, medical instrument parts and so on. It is applied to the fields such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics and electrical, medical and food processing and the like.The technical development and breakthrough of PEEK not only met the needs of domestic production, but also exported PEEK materials and products manufactured in China, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign countries. The technological innovation of PEEK material has changed the disadvantages of traditional processing methods, such as low utilization rate, high cost and difficulty in forming complex structures directly, and realized the rapid manufacturing of high performance PEEK material with low cost and high precision. In addition, PEEK application market is constantly being developed and innovated because of its combination of outstanding features.

  • Innovation of PEEK processing technology

    PEEK processing can be processed with traditional thermoplastic processing equipment. Usually, unfilled and filled grades are supplied in the form of granule, powder, or superfine powder. Generally, injection molding, extrusion, monofilaments and wrapping are recommended for granular materials, powder is suitable for compression molding, while superfine powder is commonly used for coating, composite prepreg and molding. PEEK is quite different from metal materials and general engineering materials in thermal expansion, thermal dispersion, elasticity, wear resistance and other aspects during mechanical processing, and improper operation will cause adverse consequences. Therefore, the characteristics of the material should be fully considered and the use of tools and technical parameters should be adjusted during the processing of PEEK material. Especially, heat treatment of the products with larger specifications and sizes should be carried out to eliminate internal stress, so as to avoid cracking and deformation of the products.

    In order to meet the requirements of customers for the precision and complexity of PEEK processing, Nanjing Yuwei constantly improves its technical ability and level, and carries out the innovation and improvement of PEEK processing technology. It can be used for processing high-precision product, micro-product, free-form surface, fine hole, roughness control, deburring control, welding and molten welding, etc.

  • Innovation of PEEK molding technology

    PEEK material can be molded by extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, pressing, mechanical processing, etc. With the development of processing technology and the improvement of material performance requirements in the market, the modification and compounding of PEEK have become a hot spot in the industry in recent years. In addition to chemical modification by changing the composition and/or proportion of the main chain of the polymerization in the polymerization stage, common performance improvement methods in industry also include surface modification, blending modification and composite filling enhancement and the like, to improve the molding performance and service performance of PEEK.

    The advantage of PEEK injection molding is to process PEEK parts with high precision by injection molding to help industrial customers develop high value-added products. We are expert in the field of PEEK injection molding. From product samples to injection molding, we have a very complete solution to meet the special needs of different customers. In addition, we can produce all kinds of difficult PEEK processing products to provide customers with all-round technical support.

  • Innovation of PEEK performance formula

    PEEK is short for polyether-ether-ketone. It has excellent properties, such as mechanical property, heat resistance, chemical resistance, as well as good load-bearing meshing, and low friction coefficient. It is a good self-lubricating material. On this basis, the addition of carbon fiber not only increases its mechanical properties, but also has an important influence on its friction properties. At room temperature, the tensile strength of 30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK composite is doubled than that of non-reinforced PEEK composite, and reaches three times at 150℃. At the same time, the impact strength, bending strength and modulus of the reinforced composite are also greatly improved, the elongation is sharply reduced, and the thermal deformation temperature can exceed 300℃.

    PEEK mainly improves the accuracy, heat resistance, friction resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance of PEEK products by filling, blending and strengthening methods. PEEK and PEK alloy materials can improve mechanical properties, improve flame retardant to 5VA, improve the injection molding process of PEEK alloy material, but its production cost is not significantly reduced. In addition, carbon fiber can improve the hardness, rigidity and dimensional stability of PEEK composite, an glass fiber reinforced PEEK can significantly improve the aging resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance of the material, but the cost of carbon fiber reinforced PEEK is much higher than glass fiber.

    In order to meet the requirements of manufacturing high precision, heat resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and impact resistance parts, PEEK plastic alloy or PEEK composite material with better performance can be obtained by blending, filling and fiber compounding PEEK resin. For example, by blending PEEK with polyetherketone, a composite material with a specific melting point and a specific glass temperature can be obtained, and the processing and molding properties of the material can be improved. The composite obtained by blending PEEK and polyethersulfone not only has good mechanical properties, but also improves flame retardancy. PEEK is made of special phenolic resin with special friction resistance. PEEK and PTFE composite materials, while maintaining PEEK's high strength and hardness, but also has outstanding wear resistance, can be used to manufacture sliding bearings, sealing rings and other mechanical parts. Moreover, PEEK can be modified and strengthened with carbon fiber, glass fiber and other fibers to make high-performance composite materials. The fiber reinforced PEEK composite material has excellent creep resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and impact resistance. The addition of carbon fiber or glass fiber to PEEK can also greatly improve the tensile and bending strength of the material, and the addition of whisker material into PEEK can improve the hardness, rigidity and dimensional stability of the material, which is used to manufacture the ring and mesh valves of hydrogen compressors and petroleum gas compressors in large petrochemical production lines. PEEK composite material reinforced with inorganic nano material is a new composite material integrating many characteristics of organic resin and high-performance inorganic nano particles. It can significantly improve the impact resistance and friction resistance of PEEK resin, and improve the rigidity and dimensional stability of PEEK, and further expand the application scope of PEEK resin.

  • Innovation of PEEK application development

    Based on excellent comprehensive performance, PEEK can replace metal, ceramic and other traditional materials in many special fields. The high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the plastic make it one of the hot high-performance engineering plastics, it is mainly used in aerospace, automotive industry, electronics and medical equipment and other fields.

    In aerospace, PEEK resin can replace aluminum and other metal materials in the manufacture of various aircraft parts and be used in the manufacture of aircraft internal components to reduce the risk of aircraft fire according to its excellent flame resistance.

    In electronic and electrical aspects, PEEK resin has excellent electrical properties and is an ideal electrical insulator. It can still maintain good electrical insulation under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Therefore, the electronic and electrical field has gradually become the second largest application field of PEEK resin. PEEK resin has high purity and stable mechanical and chemical properties, which reduces contamination in silicon wafer processing. PEEK resin does not deform over a wide temperature range and can be used to manufacture parts that can withstand the high temperature environment of hot welding. According to this characteristic, PEEK resin is commonly used in the semiconductor industry to manufacture wafer bearers, electronic insulating films and various connection devices, as well as wafer bearers insulating films, connectors, printed circuit boards, high temperature connectors, etc. In addition, PEEK resin can also be used in μg/L ultra-pure water conveying and storage equipment, such as pipes, valves, pumps and positioner. PEEK is already being used in the manufacturing of super-large-scale integration in Japan and other countries.

    In medical field, PEEK resin can be used as a substitute for artificial bone made of metal, in addition to the production of highly sterilized, reusable surgical and dental equipment and the manufacture of some sophisticated medical instruments. In addition to the advantages of light weight, non-toxic and strong corrosion resistance, artificial bone made with PEEK resin is also a plastic material that is close to human bone and can be organically combined with the body. Therefore, the use of PEEK resin to manufacture human bone instead of metal is a very important application in the medical field, which has a profound significance and value, and its potential applications are exciting.

    In terms of combustion power, PEEK resin has high temperature resistance, and it is not easy to hydrolysis, and is also resistant to radiation, so the wire and cable coil skeleton made with PEEK has been successfully applied in nuclear power plants.

    In the petroleum exploration and production industry, the probe can be used to manufacture the special geometry of the mining machinery involved.

    In mechanical industry, PEEK resin is commonly used to make compressor valves, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump bodies and valve parts. The impeller made of resin instead of stainless steel of vortex pump can obviously reduce the wear degree and noise level, and prolong its service life. In addition, modern connectors are another potential market for PEEK resin because it meets the specifications of pipe assembly materials and can be bonded at high temperatures using a variety of adhesives.

    In automotive and other industries, PEEK resin with good friction resistance and mechanical properties can be used as a substitute for stainless steel and titanium in the manufacture of engine enclosures, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch rings and other parts, as well as in automotive transmission, braking and air conditioning systems. At present, Boeing, AMD, Nissan, NEC, Sharp, Chrysler, General Motors, Audi and Airbus have started to use this material in large quantities.

    In terms of coating, PEEK resin with fine powder coating is applied on metal surface to obtain metal PEEK powder coating products with good insulation, strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance and water resistance, which are widely used in chemical corrosion prevention, household appliances, electronics, machinery and other fields. In addition, PEEK resin can be used in the manufacture of filling columns and connecting ultrafine tubes for liquid chromatography analyzers.

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